The 3 Biggest Cheating Myths

Now, don’t get us wrong. Cheating is a big deal. If you have cheated you deserve all the names, slurs, and furniture being thrown your way, Hell, you probably know that and would prefer a quick, sharp shock of the argument to long-drawn out consequences that are to come. There is always fallout from cheating and it is a necessary part of dealing with the dishonesty and lack of respect that the cheater has shown.But a few myths have been built up around cheating that make people presume that it is both inevitable and automatically disastrous for the relationship. This is not so. While no relationship is 100% secure from cheating, it is a far from inevitable part of monogamy. In addition, it is perfectly possible for a relationship to survive an affair. Both of these myths come down to honesty in the relationship, as does the third, but in the opposite way…

cheating argument

Cheating will cause arguments

Guys Being Guys

Myth No.1 of the cheating world is that its just guys being guys. This can be read as both a defense and an indictment of cheating. Some use it to say that, well, guys are just being guys and expecting them not to cheat is like expecting a dog not to go for a bone. Therefore they should get a pass because it is on the genes. This is the myth that is often trotted out by the Men’s Rights groups, who want to excuse all terrible male behavior. But what about all the men who love their wives or their girlfriends, who can look but do not have to touch, and are happy and comfortable at home. Some men do cheat, and they will blame it on biology, but this is just an excuse for their own bad choices.Alternatively, this concept is sometimes used by women to show how all men are terrible. Again, this doesn’t take into account the good guys, in healthy relationships that do not feel the need to stray. It is never about ‘guys being guys’, but always about the individual situation. If you find yourself thinking about cheating, do not use this as an excuse, because that is all it is. Take responsibility for your own behavior.

worried about cheating

It doesn’t have to be the end

Say Sayonara To Your Relationship

The second biggest myth in cheating is that, once you have cheated then it means that your relationship is definitely over. Again, this does not necessarily have to be the truth. Sure, it can be a devastating blow to the relationship, but whether it is the end of the relationship depends far more on what comes after than the actually act itself. First of all, you have to be honest (though see No. 3). If the other person finds out by accident, or worse, through someone else, then that is likely to end the relationship. The keyword here is trust. After a cheating incident, the other person will have a difficult time trusting you and it is that trust, or lack thereof, that is the real killer in the relationship. If you come clean and ask for forgiveness then you stand a better chance than if they find out be accident. Once it is out in the open, then the dissection can begin. At this point again it is important to be completely truthful about why the cheating occurred. Were you bored? Was it just a fling, or did you have feelings for the other person? Have you fallen out of love with your partner? All of these are the type of questions that get raised in the post-mortem of an affair, and it is important that you are honest about the answers to all of them. When you work out why you had an affair and what might be wrong in your current relationship, you can look to rebuild the relationship and make sure that it doesn’t happen every again.

cheating myths

It is best to be honest no matter how difficult

Honesty Is The Best Policy

This is probably the biggest myth when it comes to cheating. Everyone, including myself above, will tell you that you have to come clean out an affair. But what if it was a drunken hookup that will never happen again, a last dalliance with a long-lost lover, or just a moment of madness. If it was more hormones taking over your body and just impulse then you might not need to go soul-searching.

In particular, if you really love you partner and know how much this will hurt them, then it might be better to just live with the guilt yourself, rather than passing it on to them. If you can be sure that it will never come out, then what they do not know, won’t hurt them.

Sort Out Your Online Dating Privacy!

Online dating is huge nowadays and you can ask any "normal" person whether they use it and they are likely to say yes. Privacy concerns exist everywhere on the Internet now, with online dating services being one of the top culprits. Adding all of your information on to a profile for the purpose of getting a date seems like a fool’s errand. When you put all of your data out there, there can be many repercussions and some of them you won’t even have thought about.

Whilst you shouldn’t just add all of your information for people to see, you have to add something, else you’ll never find a partner on online dating in the first place. We have all seen the dodgy looking profiles which are not filled out or don’t have a picture and we don’t talk to these people!

Stay on the right line between things your date should know and things that only you should know about yourself and you should be alright. That being said though, what should you be adding in to your online dating profile without posing a privacy risk? From where you work or what neighborhood you live in, it’s better to keep this information under wraps until you trust the people you meet. Better safe than sorry!

online dating

Stay on the right line between things your date should know and things that only you should know about yourself and you should be alright.

Don’t Use Your Real Contact Details

When you find someone who seems appealing on online dating, set up a separate e-mail account to talk to him or her with. This protects you from many things like identity theft and stalking as this E-mail address won’t be used for anything else, making it so that if they do some checking up on that address, they won’t be able to find your social media accounts or addresses etc. Whilst relying on E-mail as a fast type of communication is slow, there are services that convert mails straight to your phone, to make things a bit faster.

online dating privacy

This protects you from many things like identity theft .

Google Caches Everything

A cache is a little like a snapshot or a photo of a page on the Internet at any given time. Google stores a cache of anything that is indexed by their engine and this means that any dating site that you can find via Google will have millions of pages cached. Your details and whatever you write on there can be found at any time by consulting Google’s cache and there is even more ways of remembering things on the Internet via using the Internet wayback machine found at

Don’t post anything that might come back to haunt you and don’t post anything that could get you in social or legal trouble, especially anything related to your job. Many people have had disciplinary hearing and such because of things they have posted on the Internet, make sure you are not the next person to suffer from acting in a silly way like this.

Read the terms of the websites you are using to find yourself a suitor.
Dating Services can show your profile at a whim to the public especially if you agree to their terms and conditions. Whilst they are often lengthy legal documents, you should make sure that you realize the risks of using these services.

Don’t Reuse passwords or usernames

When you re-use usernames and passwords on the Internet, you can often find that Google allows you to link things up. That means that if you use the same username on al of your different accounts on the web, you’ll find that people could easily impersonate you and figure out what your interests are and so on. This can lead unsavory characters to your important accounts and these types of websites often are ranked well by search engines, making it easily to connect the dots.  Don’t make it easy for fraudsters to find your information…

Everything good brings some bad and the flip side to being able to meet people you’d never see in real life over the Internet is that your data is unprotected and can easily be found by anyone with enough determination to spend a few minutes looking for it. Make sure you take steps to minimize the risks to your privacy and make sure you do standard dating things like meeting your date in a public place and people know whereabouts you are going and who you are with at all times. Luckily, these things are not too difficult and you can take steps to improve your online privacy. Finding a way to make it so that you actually hide your information to search engines and unsavory characters isn’t too difficult if you switch things up and you’ll be glad you did. Making yourself a difficult target is usually enough to make the bad people go to a different target.

What To Do When Sex Goes Weird

Sex is great fun, especially when both people are on the same page about what they enjoy and know what each other likes. Sometimes though, especially when you are only recently with your new partner, sex can get a little strange. Perhaps your new date has been reading a little too much of Fifty Shades of Grey or they start role playing and calling you things you just don’t expect. Don’t worry if this does happen, it’s not the end of the world and you know, you might enjoy the weirdness eventually.

Don’t Freak Out

Sometimes things do get a little strange in the bedroom but this is to be expected. Just because your partner start doing something different it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are strange or weird people. Of course, if your partner starts doing things that you are not comfortable with, don’t freak out.

fifty shades of grey

They start role playing and calling you things you just don’t expect.

The two of you sitting down and discussing what you both like in bed before you have sex again can often avoid these awkward times in bed, leading to much better sex in the long run. Some people like Fifty Shades of Grey style bondage and discipline whilst others prefer traditional sex. There’s nothing wrong with liking either of those and it’s always worth trying something once because you might just enjoy it and bear it in mind for the future. Freaking out can really ruin the dynamic of the relationship and ruin your partner’s self esteem in bed, making them nervous in the future. Have a talk about what you both want in bed and decide what to do about it. If you and your partner both have fantasies you wish to enact with each other, talking about them before enacting them is a much better way to go about it than just going for it one day.

If your partner is pressuring you in to doing something sexual that you don’t want to do, stop and talk about your issues on the subject and hopefully your partner will realize and stop being weird in the bedroom. If your partner continues pressuring you and trying to get you to do things you don’t want to do, perhaps it is time to break up. Relationships where one party is not happy never work in the long run and you don’t want to be in this kind of relationship.

Go With The Flow

Weird sex

Go with the flow

For the more adventurous out there, you might find that the weird sex your partner likes is actually pretty interesting and you can go along with it to see whether you like it. The old motto is that you should try to do everything at least once and we think that it is right on the spot. In addition to learning a few new tricks you might find that your partner is much more open to trying your own fantasies than other people you have dated. Trying new things in bed is a great little adventure and you might regret it one day. Maybe your partner wants to try role playing and you want to try using some sex toys. In the right relationship, anything goes and most things are celebrated.

Let Things Get Weird In A Controlled Environment

Having sex in strange and new places is enjoyable when both partners are up for it. If your beau decides that it’s a great time to have sex and you are in the middle of a public park, perhaps remind him/her where you are and what you are doing there. Whilst you might both be voyeurs, it’s rather illegal to have sex in a public place so keep your passions contained to appropriate places. Having sex in a shop or anywhere that is non-standard is not something we recommend.


If both of you want to try out some new things go for it in the bedroom. It’s always fun to try new things and when you are both aware of what is going on, you can introduce things at your own pace and really enjoy where weird sex can take you.

When Positions Don’t Work

sexual positions in bed

Try to be adventurous and try new things in bed

When you and your partner have been looking over the Internet or in books for interesting positions to try, make sure you don’t get it into your head that they wall have to work for you. If either partner is very tall or larger than average, quite a few sexual positions just won’t work for you and your partner so you won’t be able to get it on like that. Instead of being awkward and letting the whole thing get a bit weird, just laugh it off and find something that does work for you. Everyone is different and just because some book says you should try a certain sexual position, it doesn’t mean that both of you will enjoy it. If anything you try hurts in a negative way or could be dangerous if someone’s strength fails them, stop using that position immediately. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to be adventurous and try new things in bed though. Sometimes your body just won’t bend in the way that you see on the TV and you shouldn’t be worried or angry that it doesn’t work for you and your partner. Everyone is different and we should celebrate this fact. Weird things in bed are going to happen to you but and sometimes it’s going to be positions that just don’t work out the way how you saw them.


Everyone is nervous, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship where you are not a hundred percent sure about yourself and how your sexual prowess might live up to what your partner might have had before. Nerves get in the way of great sex and your fear could be the reason why thing seem weird in bed in the first place. Just try to relax and enjoy the intimacy and don’t worry too much about your nervousness. Remember, your partner is probably as nervous as you are even if they do not show it and together you can explore each other and figure out how to have some really good sex. Try not to fantasize anything where things might go wrong and you should be well on your way to stopping your nerves.

Sex really is great but can be ruined by any of the things we have mentioned above. When something bad happens in bed, take time to talk about it and laugh it off as if it didn’t. Go with the flow and try things because you never know what you are missing out on otherwise and it will make your partner happy when you enjoy the same things as they do. We think that sex should be free and interesting and if you don’t try ‘weird’ stuff on occasion, the passion could die out of your relationship and you could be left with a less than optimal relationship. Remember, when you try new things, if you don’t like them tell your partner and set up a safe word so they know when to stop. Good luck in exploring weird sexual things and we hope it’s great fun for everyone.

Best Way To Get Your Ex Back In No Time

get your ex back

Learn the best way to get your ex back now before it’s too late

Breaking up with your girlfriend is a lengthy ordeal most of the time. There are possessions to return, friendships broken and many other time and emotionally consuming things that happen in the wake of a relationship.

A few days in, you’ve realized you’ve made a mistake. You never wanted to break up with your girlfriend in the first place and overreacted. You want your boyfriend back and it doesn’t matter whether he leaves all the cupboard doors open even though you tell him not to, right?

People often rush on to getting their ex back without thinking whether they are making a good decision or not. Much like a military commander would never send his troops on a suicide mission, it makes sense for you to take some time and think about the situation you are now in. It’s possible to get your ex back, but it is up to you to put in the leg work. Your ex will be mad at you and wish that you would stop talking and communicating with them until they get themselves back together, to a decent frame of mind again.

Whilst this might seem contrary to getting your ex back quickly, you are going to let this happen. Don’t communicate with your ex any more than they wish to talk to you and certainly don’t start the communications with them. If you are annoying and pestering your ex with half thought out messages to get back together with them, what are the chances of them accepting you ‘apology’ and actually getting back with you?

If they have any shred of self esteem left, the answer will be no, every single time.

So how do you get your ex back then?

You can’t talk to your ex boyfriend/girlfriend and in this state of mind, neither of you are ready to make good decisions. If you do start to communicate too much with them, remove the temptation by deleting the contact data from anyway that you can get back in touch with them. If you think that’s a bad idea because you might permanently forget your ex’s phone number, that’s the whole point!

On a more serious note though, you can always just write the number and other contact details down on a slip of paper and keep it in a safe, yet difficult to get to place. There are many Internet services that will send you an E-mail with something you write down in a pre determined time frame, say a month or so. Getting your ex back requires quite a bit of times for the hormones in your body to adjust to the loss. Humans don’t really like chance and actively fight against the loss of the love that you had. This means your heart will be guiding your actions more than your brain and this is exactly the opposite of what we want to happen.

If you don’t stop the communication, your emotions can make you do some crazy things. Give a human a reason to fight and they will fight tooth and nail.

Be objective in how you think about the relationship. No relationship is completely perfect and there are always areas you can improve on. If you often got angry or annoyed at your partner for poor reasons and acted completely out of proportion to the alleged transgression, anger management and restraint might be something you can work on in the time between now and when you allow yourself to contact your ex again. Humans are susceptible to remembering only the things they want to remember and memory is totally fallible, meaning you might only remember the better times in the relationship and this leads to you thinking that there was nothing wrong with the relationship in the first place. This is obviously incorrect and can lead in to a thought spiraling out of control, which then inspires you to act upon this incorrect assumption and try to get your ex back before people are ready to face the facts.

Once you have both spent some time apart from each other, it is time that you start making time to meet your ex and discuss the relationship with them. They might have some harsh words for you and it is not your place to argue about these kinds of things. Eventually, you’ll both be happy and thinking properly so that you can entertain the idea of dating again. Be the person that your ex boyfriend/girlfriend was originally attracted to, not some weird facsimile of things that they expect you to be. Whilst change is good, changing too much for people when you do not want to is a very poor idea over the long run. Good luck, hopefully you won’t need to break up a second time!

Top 3 Features of Google Glass That You Should Know

There is no stopping technology now. Google has developed a futuristic and modern glass, the Google Glass. It is one of the most highly anticipated devices in the market. There is no news on when it is going to be launched, but people are starting to go crazy every time information about the Glass pops out in the Internet or news.

It could be one of the most interesting and usable products on the market once it comes out. It is said to have features that no one has thought about or even imagined in their lives. These features will help you live easily in a world full of modernity. Let’s take a peek at the top 3 features of the device.

Easy navigation and face recognition

Google has pioneered the location services through the Google map. Aided with the map, the Google Glass can help you navigate and reach your destination easily. It is an ultra-intelligent device that will point the correct destination right in front of your eyes.

As you are navigating somewhere around the world, a familiar face may pop out in the crowd. It is easy to remember and verify if you know the face through Google Glass. This is certainly helpful in identifying people you will accidentally bump into anywhere in the world.

Learn right in front of your eyes

Imagine how difficult it is for you to go around and shop in Thailand with prices labelled with the local language. You don’t need to worry if you have the Glass. Through Google Glass, you can easily look up and translate any language. It will become easy for you to read local languages. It does not stop there though; you will also be able to speak and translate voices. This is certainly a killer feature.

Google Glass

Google Glass

Take videos and pictures on HD

Through Google Glass, taking pictures and videos will be a comfort. You no longer need to carry separate devices to take pictures or videos. Through this glass you can take them on the spot. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you can simply take pictures and videos through your eyes.

A small bump though on this feature is that Google has only used a so-so 5 megapixel camera to take pictures. The videos are also not on full HD as videos are only recorded at 720 pixel resolution. Most mobile phones now have 8 megapixel cameras with 1080 pixel resolution.

Google has only used a so-so 5 megapixel

Google has only used a so-so 5 megapixel.

The Google Glass is certainly an amazing device that is worth waiting for. As of this moment, field evaluations and testing are being done before the device goes into mass production. You can even pay $1500 to be part of the group to try out this device first. This is surely one of the most interesting devices created by man in a very long time.

How To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back In 3 Easy Steps

Being in a relationship with a woman you feel is the love of your life can be the most satisfying thing and one of the biggest pleasures in a man’s life. But what happens when thing go wrong and she chooses to break up with you? Do you really have to accept and move on, or is there really a chance to get your ex-girlfriend back?

The good news is, using some simple ideas and proven methods, you can make her realize she has made a mistake losing you, and have her chasing to get you back. Yes, you can even follow a simple formula to get your ex-girlfriend back.

How to win your ex girlfriend back in 3 easy steps

1. Show your ex-girlfriend you are handling the breakup maturely and respectfully

For a woman, there is no bigger turn-off than a guy calling her constantly and begging and crying over the phone to get back together. Because it is simply human nature that the more something is pushed into your face, the less eager you are to get it. We simply want things we cannot easily have.

So when texting your ex-girlfriend or talking face to face, hold an elegant respectful attitude – even if you are dying inside. Don’t let her see the weak side of you, but your strong and mature side. Hold your head up high and walk away proudly. Trust me; this will leave her wondering and feeling much more attracted to you than begging for her to get back together.

2. Break all communication with her

After you have left the last impression as being strong and OK without her, break all contact with her for a while. I know this probably sounds challenging to do – especially since you sometimes miss her so much. But this is the best way to give her some space in order to realize how much she misses you.

So no text messages, no calling and absolutely no meeting each other “as friends”. Now as you have left a powerful last impression, she will gradually remember all the good memories you two had together. Because we tend to miss someone more when they are far away, rather than when they are clinging to our feet.

Fun on your own.

Fun on your own.

So go have fun on your own and live your life to the fullest. You deserve to be happy – with or without her. And soon news will get around and she will hear about your new awesome life, without her in it. Then she cannot help feeling jealous and curious why you can be so easily happy when she has left you.

3. Reconnect with her again and win her back

Now that you have followed the last two steps, it is time to casually open up the connection again. You can simply start it off by a casual text message. This is the last step and the final strike in order to get your ex-girlfriend for good.

Get your ex-girlfriend for good.

Get your ex-girlfriend for good.

After you initiate the contact again, keep your cool strong attitude. After the powerful impression you made using the last two techniques, she now feels attracted to you all over again. Being curious by the new allure of you finding yourself and building a happy wonderful life without her, it will make her miss being a part of your life again.

What New Girlfriends Want from Their Men

Did you know that new girlfriends tend to be very demanding? They expect so much from you especially at the start of your relationship. It’s only normal since women want to feel secured right from the start. They want to be assured that they’re doing the right choice by being your girl.


Here are some important things new girlfriends want from their men:


Negligence can destroy your relationship. Make it a habit to constantly shower your girl with attention. Visit her at home or in the office every now and then. Take her out for dinner or a movie during weekends. In case you can’t see her everyday, make your presence felt by sending her sweet messages to her phone or email.


Your new gal wants you to remain devoted to her. This means strictly no dating other women or making a move on another girl. There’s nothing women despise so much than having a man who’s fond of playing the field.


Now don’t be afraid to show your love to your new girlfriend. That’s exactly what she expects the most from you. Tell her you love her especially during the most unexpected moment. She’d love to hear you say these three magic words and she’ll do the same to you.

3 Simple Exercises You Should Do At Home

Not everyone has the luxury to go the gym. Some people look at gym membership as an additional and unnecessary expense. Hiring a fitness trainer means shelling out a substantial amount of money. Fancy workout equipment is expensive. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a penny just to stay fit and have a great body. There are exercises that you can do at home. Here are 3 simple home exercises you can do whenever you want.

Walk inside the house and do some jumping jacks

It’s not every day that you can go outside the house to walk. If the weather’s not on your side, walk inside your home. You can also perform aerobic exercises just like jumping jacks. You don’t need too much space for it. Going up and down the stairs is also a good workout. It may not look very exciting, but it can definitely get the job done.

Perform simple exercises like crunches and leg lifts

Crunches and leg lifts are easy to do. Since there are a lot of exercises that you can do, you have to focus on the parts of the body that you want to develop. For instance, leg lifts are great if you want to improve the strength of your legs. It may be hard at first, but it will be so much easier as you do it regularly. Crunches can strengthen the muscles of your abdomen.

Jog and dance regularly

lifts your spirit

lifts your spirit

Jog in one place so you don’t consume too much space, yet still give your heart a good exercise. You can listen to your favorite songs while jogging. Just make sure that your pair of shoes is perfect for jogging. You can also dance. In fact, dancing is a great way to lose weight. It also gives you a healthy heart. It makes your day brighter and lifts your spirit. It can give you the boost that you need.

good exercise

good exercise

These exercises are short and simple. Anyone can do it without problems. Just because you can’t visit the gym for some reason you won’t give your body the exercise that it needs. You can still get adequate exercise even if you’re at home. You get to save a great deal of money from membership fees and fitness trainers. No need to purchase any kind of equipment just to have a good workout. Be resourceful and use whatever you find in your home. Devote a corner in your home for your workouts. Finally, make sure to do it regularly. Spending an hour each day won’t hurt your schedule. You’ll realize that it’s just as good as going to the gym. Having a healthy body and a great figure is easy after all. You can always do it in the comfort of your home.  

Stock Market Tips on a Limited Budget

Investing is part of our life. We have all experienced to invest at some point. For instance, buying a house is a form of investment. Even the simple act of buying clothes is considered to be an investment. Everyone can actually invest, especially on stock market. It is important, however, that you acquaint yourself with the rudimentary of stock market investment. First up, learn to differentiate investing from trading, though these are, to some degree, correlated. Trading can be defined as the act of buying and then selling and this occurs more frequently. Investing, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be done frequently and is more of a long term pursuit which makes it different from trading.

Investing on stock market is not only for big time investors. Those with a limited budget are also welcome to invest in the stock market. As a matter of fact, it is even good if you start investing in the stock market only with a limited budget because you will be more careful with what you invest your money on. Given a limited budget, you’ll be conscious of how much money goes out and how much comes back in return.

Though you have a limited budget, it is still important that you prepare some reserve funds to avoid selling your investments especially during emergent situations. Investing in the stock market, even with a small budget, starts with buying. You buy a certain stock, give it time to grow and then eventually sell it. Selling is always the hardest part of investing in the stock market and this is true for the majority of the investors. It is always tricky to determine as to when the best time is to sell stocks. Are you going to sell it when you have already made big profits? Or are you going to dispatch stocks because you don’t want anymore to invest on it?

Big profits

Big profits

Part of investing in the stock market is setting a goal. Let’s say you have this limited budget to invest in the stock market, you also need to set a goal that’s realistic enough, something that’s achievable given this budget.

You may be investing with a small budget. However, don’t be too complacent because even with small money at stake, risks are still inevitable because as you know, just like the economy, the stock market also goes up and down.

Companies to invest in

Companies to invest in

Above all, you should look for a company where you can invest and help you make it big in the stock market business. You may find over hundreds and even thousands of companies to invest in. However, settle for the company which you think would help you grow as an investor.

The Most Effective Ways To Ask For A Raise

When you’ve been working hard enough to impress your boss and it feels like you’re a century old of that company of yours, thinking of a raise might be quite natural. But asking it is the big problem. How would you do it without being offensive to the boss? Will he give in to that? That’s another question. But if you’re confident enough and you think all that perspiration should have its worth, you should be prepared for the possible outcome of your actions. In a tough economy of this age and time, a raise is not as easy as it sounds.

The best timing. In order to make it effective, the timing of asking for a raise should fit. Wait for a big project to be assigned on you. Do the best you have for its completion. And when you have aced the job, go for it. This is where your performance is at its best and you are highly regarded as an asset to the company. Just know somehow if the boss is not on a bad mood or he was called by the CEO. This might screw you up.

Build yourself up.

Considering a raise isn’t just about you asking the boss. It is about worthiness to be compensated more. With this, collect all your accomplished projects and portfolios and build a case to your boss why you deserve a raise. Compare your salary to other markets and prepare evidence that yours is actually lower than that of the same position with the other company. If there are clients that specifically deals with just only you, put it on details saying that you have more works compared with your colleagues but still your salary is the same with them. State your case with how the world could be unfair to you.

Matter of performance

Matter of performance

Plan B in case you get turned down.

Lucky you if your boss digs in to what you have asked for. But if it isn’t the case what would you possibly do? Ask him on what grounds should he turn you down. If it is a matter of performance, ask him with respect and dignity for constructive criticism of your performance then think if it justifies the matter. Being turned down is not the end of it all. The boss would never say no all the time. Plan your next step and strive harder for him to see you’re all the worth.

Salary sometimes comes with disparity

Salary sometimes comes with disparity

One study shows that happiness is not from how much you’re being paid but how much you are paid relative to your peers. Salary sometimes comes with disparity. We tend to think that we are not working harder than them. If you make less than your co-workers, you resent the feeling of envy. Basically the point of having a raise is to be of the same level or more with our peers. As long as it is a healthy competition, you get along. Just don’t get disappointed if your wishes haven’t been granted. There is always a next time.